Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 of 135 - Pump FX

I did the pump class this morning at the gym. I was a very grumpy girl and I wasn't too happy about getting up at 4:45 after going to bed around 12:30 a.m. Then I had to drive in fog, which I hate! Anyway, once I got to the gym and got the bench, weights, and bar I was ok. It turned out to be a great workout. In fact I'm dreading tomorrow because I'm already sore.

I did accomplish a major thing for me today and that is that I did full situps today. I normally will do the crunches because I have always thought I was too fat to do a situp all the way, but today I decided to try it and I ended up doing about 3 sets of 8 while holding a 5 lb. weight! I couldn't believe it. It just goes to show me that most of what I think I CAN'T do is all in my head. I need to at least try. I was really happy with myself and feel that it is another thing to check off my list of things I need to overcome. Very exciting!

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  1. I am so impressed that you even got up to go this morning! I would not have done it with that little sleep! Way to stay strong! :)