Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 of 135

Yesterday was a CRAZY day! I stayed up late the night before so I tried to sleep in, but I had to get up for my weigh-in so I only got to sleep until 9 (I know poor me). When I got to the weigh-in, I weighed in at 274. So plan didn't work, lol. I actually had lost a pound from the previous week and that was after eating whatever and exercising 2 times. Now watch, I will do everything right this week and gain 5 pounds...:). So then we had a class on a new nutrition website that is on the Lady Fitness Website. I am still experimenting with it to see if I like it better than Weight Watchers online. I'll let you know.

After the class, I went home and cleaned out my fridge and freezer. It's sad when you have sauces, etc. that date back to 2006. I SWEAR I've cleaned out my fridge since then! Then I went shopping which was crazy busy! I have stocked my fridge with healthy food and I feel prepared for the upcoming week.

Last week, (if I'm being honest) I really didn't care too much about what I was doing so I only ran once and did my class once. This week, has to be a lot better. I will report each day how I did on my eating and on my exercise. I am not going to weigh myself everyday and I will just be surprised at the gym. I am excited for this challenge and I am grateful for all of the support I have been receiving from all of YOU!!! Much love!

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  1. You amaze me at all you fit in in a day. Way to go Angie you can do it!