Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 of 135

Well, I went to my "Biggest Loser" orientation...and learned a few lessons. Lesson #1 - Apparently the contest is about the money and not the weight. Lesson #2 - People will cheat. Lesson #3 - I am a naive person.

First of all, instead of drinking a ton of water and eating a lot of food this morning to increase my weight for the initial weigh-in, I don't eat anything all day hoping I will be "thinner" for my weigh-in. Am I really this dumb? Maybe so, but I was one of the few people that was not upset when we found out that there was no weigh-in today. Hee hee! I guess it sucked for all of the women that had drank a gallon or two of water! The first weigh-in for me will be next Saturday at 10 a.m. I guess I better start stockpiling my water for Saturday morning! ;)

While in the orientation, they inform us that we need to weigh with capris or shorts on because if we wear pants then we need to roll up our pant legs. Why you might ask? (and someone did) Well to make sure that noone wears ankle weights...are you kidding me? These are things I would have NEVER thought of. Then someone asked whether or not we can take supplements or things like HCG. Obviously they can't regulate us so I guess it's not against the rules.

Then the grand finale of the meeting was getting our front and side photos taken in the doorway of the bathroom (a place I'm very comfortable in, lol). I think I closed my eyes on the picture but she said, "It doesn't matter. It's only your body we are concerned about." Geesh!

So I have made a few goals for the upcoming week...1. Make an appointment to get some HCG. 2. Find a way to fill my bra with weights and not have anyone notice. 3. Make sure I eat at McDonalds the morning of my weigh-in...and 4. make sure I drink my stockpile of water 15 minutes before I weigh. Then I might have a shot at that $1000.00 grand prize.


  1. Okay I really can't believe that people cheat at that! That is so funny! Well, it sounds like you have a pretty good plan for the weigh in! Way to go on getting the music. To add a picture to your header, go to and it will teach you how to. You have to have one of the programs like Photoshop or paint.NET but let me know if it doesn't help you and I can help you. Let me know if you have any other questions! Your blog is so cute! I need to start working on mine! :)

  2. Hey, I know a cousin of yours that prescribes HCG out of his office. They give you the diet plan and the presription for HCG. You give yourself the shot. BUT, I'm really shocked that taking HCG isn't considered cheating. ha ha. I'll help you stuff your bra with weights, I'm good at stuffing. lol.