Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 of 135

I had a much better day than yesterday. Yesterday I felt like all the forces of evil had combined against me. Today just a few forces...thanks to the prayers of my dear, sweet mother. Why is it that whenever you are trying to improve, that Satan just has to try to get his ugly little claws into things? So it's been a struggle. I will be honest about this. I'm finding that it is hard to post the failures I'm having.

Also, I have just been feeling SO overwhelmed, lonely, disappointed, sad...I don't know what is up with this. Today, however, I have felt somewhat better. I am still disappointed that I didn't get as much accomplished as I should have.

I did however stay strong in the food area. I have eaten within my points again, which is good. It has been a little tough to not eat especially when I'm feeling so emotional. That's my drug of choice...food. Right now, I would love to have a peanut butter cup hot chocolate with marshmallows but I am going to start the dishwasher and washer and go to bed and drink a big bottle of water! Doesn't that sound great over hot chocolate? Nahhh, but it'll have to do.

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  1. I'm glad today was better for you! I hope you have a GREAT day tomorrow! Good luck, hope the water is great. I think I will go have a nice big glass of water too! :)