Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 of 135 - Finally ran again!

I know it's a big shocker but I finally ran again! I have been a slacker in this department but I did it. I just didn't do ALL of it. I got to the second 3 minute run and felt a tweak in my groin muscle and then I was limping. This has happened to me on and off, but I couldn't keep running this time, so I walked away the rest of my time. Next time I am going to be smart and stretch those muscles.

My eating was great until late this afternoon when I made a sweet chex mix for my daughter's "Nature Club." I ended up eating 2 cups of it (if not more) I still stayed within 1 or 2 points of my WW points.

I haven't weighed myself at ALL this week which is crazy for me. I am notorious (at least to my mom) for weighing several times a day. I want to be surprised on Saturday so I am not going to weigh at all at home.

Tomorrow morning...5:15...Pump FX!

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